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Tommy’s stepmom said I could just hangout while I waited for him to get home. I kept waiting and waiting but she had different intentions. His stepmom said we should have some fun and she was just so eager to get my dick in her mouth.

Big tit Daisie Belle and I got invited to a pool party by a friend of ours. It was fun and we got to see a lot of friends; when I say hot we were sweating. We didn’t have a chance to fuck before we went and the sexual tension was unreal. I could already tell what was on her mind and fucking in the bathroom wouldn’t be any fun. I was laying out and she walked over to me from the pool where she was already teasing me for the past half hour. I was already throbbing, hot, and couldn’t stop thinking about fucking her tight wet pussy. We couldn’t resist the urge to fuck even though all of our friends were already around us. I immediately pulled my rock hard cock and slid it down her throat. She spit all over it and stroked it until I was throbbing. I laid her down and slid myself into her tight wet pussy. Everyone was watching now and it was only turning us on more and more. I flipped her over into doggy, fucking her harder, and getting off the everyone watching us put on a show. I pulled her hair back, spanked her, and gave her everything she wanted. I finally felt the urge to cum and let it out all I’ve Rhee face; it even hit a couple bystanders.

Big tit Daisie Belle was running through the neighborhood and she forgot to bring water. She knocked on my door and I had no idea who she was. I found out she was my neighbor and she just needed a water. I invited her to give her one and I made the biggest mistake of my life. I opened up the water to hand it to her and poured it all over her by accident. I was so embarrassed and she pulled her top off! I tried to dry her tits off with my hands and at least cover them but they were huge. She noticed how hard I got inside my pants and I couldn’t help myself. She told me not to worry and that I didn’t need to be so embarrassed. She took all the anxiety out of me as soon as she wrapped her lips around my cock and slid it down her throat. I bent her over and ripped her pants, fucking her from behind in her leggings. I laid her across the table in missionary and made her tight wet pussy cum multiple times. Finally, after several other minutes of sex, I filled her tight wet pussy with cum.

My friend Lita fucked my stepsister, I was pissed. I ignored her the entire time she was over; I mean I invited her and she just left me. She wanted to make it up so she offered to suck my dick. That wasn’t working, so in turn, I fucked her throat until I came all over her big tits.

Horny StepMom Fucks New Stepson F. Bella Rossi
Bella Rossi , Joshua Lewis
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My hot new stepmom recently invited me into her room. She wants my young willing cock. I stretch out her tight wet older pussy until I cum all over her face.

My Football Coach And I DP His Wife F Ciren Verde
Joshua Lewis
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I was doing really bad in school and if my grades didn’t get better I wouldn’t be playing for team. My football coach invited me over so his wife could give me lessons for my health class. All I knew was that she had a PHD in some science degree. I couldn’t say no and I really wanted to pass the class. I came over to his place one day after school. He sat me down and told me his wife would be in soon. She came in wearing the sluttiest school girl uniform you could ever imagine and explained how she specialized in Sex education. She got extremely close and began kissing me, I couldn’t say anything and I didn’t know what to say. I was automatically turned on, nervous, and hard. She told me to be quiet and pulled my cock out. My coach came in soon after and pulled his dick out. As we both took turns getting our dicks sucked, we used her holes too. She let me use her tight little asshole while he pounded her pussy. Later, he left the room, and left me to finish the job and cum all over her ass.

I was cleaning the pool for my friend Lita while she laid out and got some sun. She told me we could take a break but I wanted to be a good friend and help out. She pulled me to the back of the yard where she pulled my cock in return. We end up fucking outside until I cum loads all over her face.

Post Anal Scene Shower F Ava Sinclaire
Ava Sinclaire , Joshua Lewis
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Ava and I had such a long day with work and everything else. We both hop in the shower and wash each other. We fool around and tease each other just until we almost fuck again.

I couldn’t resist watching my stepmom in the shower. Instead, when she started washing her hair, I joined her without her knowing. She freaked out but she told me how bad she’s been wanting to fuck me too. I fucked her just until I came all inside her tight wet pussy.